Fountainhead Christian School seeks to offer high quality facilities to our pupils in order to encourage learning and growth.
We have three classroom buildings, the Pre-school/Crèche building plus the Primary and Junior High buildings. Additionally we
have a multi-purpose hall, sports fields, playground equipment, a snack shop, and two Computer labs, a Science Lab, book shop,
Music Room, Library, counseling room and project room.
At FCS, we believe in providing a safe, caring environment in which children
can grow and learn. To that end, we offer crèche services for children
between 3-23 months old.

In our crèche facilities children are well cared for throughout the day,
parents are rest assured that their children are in good hands.

More Information can be obtained from the school.
Parents may sign their children up for school meals offered by the schools
professional caterers. It includes a variety of meals throughout the week to
ensure proper nutritional value.

The menu includes a mid-morning snack and lunch for Pre-school, while
Primary and Junior High students have lunch.

For more information please contact the school.
School Meals

We run a Smart Card Canteen System for our feeding program. This
system machine works just like the ATM card machine for banks. Students
on the feeding program are required to swipe each morning for a coupon
that allows them to get their meals at the cafeteria.

Project Room
The project room is the place for fun and creative learning. We develop
critical thinking by allowing the kids to explore through game block work,
play cooking, game act engineering, bead work and threading, computer
studies for kids, numeral hop-scotch, painting, reading, developmental
movies for kids, etc.

We provide resources relevant to all age groups of children in the project
room. We are also supportive of the child's own efforts and independenc
Computer Lab
In an increasingly technological world, high-quality instruction in ICT is
crucial to students' future careers. We endeavor to provide hands-on
instruction with immediate practical application for pupils at all grade levels.

We currently have two computer labs with plans to add a third lab in the
future to better serve the needs of our students.
Science Lab
As students study sciences at various levels, practical application is crucial
to understand scientific concepts and theories. At the same time safety is
essential as students explore the effects of scientific principles, therefore we
offer our students and teachers a science lab where they can safely and
securely discover through hands-on experiments the lessons they are
learning in the classroom setting.

Our library offers students a quiet place to study, as well as access to a
wide array of books on various topics at all reading levels.

We have a trained librarian on hand to assist pupils with any questions
they may have

Music Room

Our music dep't is equipped with musical instruments. We are privileged to
have visiting musicians who come alongside our music staff to encourage
our students who have a passion for music.

See FCS music page on Facebook

www.facebook/fcs music club

Snack Shop

We have a snack shop on the premises which offers students snacks and
drinks to supplement their meals, as well as paper, pencils and other basic
supplies they may need in the course of the day.

In this manner we avoid any need for pupils to leave the school grounds
at any point.


In an effort to provide convenience to our students and parents, the school
has a permanent bookshop. We offer all the text books, exercise books as
well as reading books.

Items may be purchased at the Bookshop during school working hours.


We offer bus services to our students at a reasonable rate in order to
facilitate safe and timely transport between home and school. The school
buses operate in various zones including Tema, Sakumono, Spintex,
Nungua and other areas.

More information on rates can be obtained at the school.

The Counselling Centre

Fountainhead Christian School counseling centre offers a variety of support
services for our pupils and students. We are dedicated to fostering not only
educational, but the emotional, psychological and personal development of
the child. We also assist teachers and parents in their effort to understand,
care and support the children.

Counseling sessions are voluntary therefore students are welcome to make
appointments. The centre is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from
8:15am to 12:15pm.

The Infirmary

The Fountainhead Christian School is located close to many specialist
hospitals and clinics which attend to emergency. There is also an infirmary
with a resident nurse.

By Jubail Hospital Sarkumono Estates
+233 (0)303 963 578
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