Alumni Graduates from Leeds University UK
We are incredibly proud of our Alumni, Joel Deladem Klo for obtaining an MSC in Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with distinction by the School of Computing, University of Leeds we wish you a successful future. #Classof2010
Daniel Gakpetor NMSQ Champion
Determination, hard work and humility are the keys to success. National Math and Science Quiz champion Daniel Gakpetor payed a courtesy visit to his alma mater, Fountainhead Christian school to encourage students and also receive an award from the school. A good foundation in education will always take you places.
    Dear Parents, The President of Ghana in his State of the Nation Address has said that all basic schools MUST SHUT DOWN as of 16th march 2020 until further notice.
    Stay Blessed.
Mr.  & Mrs. Majid Michel and Martha Ankomah visits FCS
Mr.  & Mrs. Majid Michel and Martha Ankomah visited FCS and spoke
to the students and patrons of the drama club giving a few technical
acting pointers. The children were pleased to see some of their role
models in the movie industry visit their school.   
Drama Group Performs at FCS
    The drama group from the national theatre FCS collaborated with
    Rhythms of Hope from the national theatre to perform on our stage
    acting out stories from our literature books.
Literacy group at parliament house
The literacy club went on an excursion to the parliament house to
watch parliament in action. They had the privilege of meeting
members of parliament including the MP for Sakumono. It was an
experience to remember.
FCS donates
  • FCS challenges students to think outside themselves therefore
    encouraging them to give to those in need. On this particular day,
    students gave personal gifts and parents donated food items,
    bringing smiles to the faces of orphans at the three orphanages.

    It was an exciting and fulfilling day.
Ghana celebrates 58 years of independence
Ghana celebrated 58 years of independence from the British. FCS held
an official march pass wearing Ghana’s national colors; red, yellow,
green and black. The march took place on our campus with our cadets
and a brass band. Students from crèche through to Junior High
participated. It was fun.
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