Frequently Asked Questions
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School Uniforms
School Meals
How do I apply?
Ans: please review our website information on Admission
How do I submit application forms?
Ans: Applications can be submitted via email, mailing and personal
delivery. Please contact us as soon as you can with the contact information below:
P. O. Box CS8138, Tema – Ghana
0303 963 578 / 0303 964 826 / 0303 964 820
Community 13 sakumono near Jubail Hospital, Tema – Ghana
How do I submit application forms?
Ans: Please download withdrawal form and submit it to the school.
Do you provide lunch at school?
Ans: the school provides breakfast and lunch for Pre-school and
lunch for Primary and Junior High.
Do you provide transport at FCS?
Ans: our school bus system operates a tight schedule. If you are
interested pleases contact the account office.
How can i get the school uniform?
Ans: please contact the school's account office from Monday -
Friday between the hours of 7:00am - 2:50pm..
Does FCS have boarding facilities?
Ans: We have boarding facilities for our final year students.
What are the school hours?
Ans: Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 3:00pm.
What languages are offered at FCS?
Ans: English, French, Twi and Ga.
By Jubail Hospital Sarkumono Estates
+233 (0)303 963 578
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