Admission Policy
Contact the Administration office for application forms
Admission Process
School Curriculum
In order to process admissions, an entrance exam date will be scheduled for your child. Please note that
writing the school's entrance examination does not guarantee your child a place at Fountainhead Christian
School. Final placement will be based on the performance of your child in the entrance exam. Once your
child has passed the entrance exam, we will need the following to complete your admission process.
Complete application form
Two recent passport photos of your child.
A photocopy of your child's birth and immunization certificate
A photocopy of your child's report card/ terminal report for at least one (1) academic year
Cumulative records from your child's previous school
Health information form. (Completed by you)
Physical examination form. (Completed and stamped by a doctor)
Please note: Admission fees are not refundable
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